Super Computers

Whether in terms of numbers or power, China is the undisputed champion of super computers, these powerful machines capable of computing the most complicated algorithms in record time.

Supercomputers are used in particular for research on climate change, the prospection of new oil fields or the development of nuclear weapons. The United States are only pale next to the Chinese, now number 1 cumulative computing power.

From our correspondent in Beijing,

The state-run news agency praises the ” world’s best performing computers   “. And it’s not just propaganda. In fact, 202 of the world’s 500 supercomputers – that is, the fastest ones – are in China. The United States, they, only tumble in the “TOP500” , this global record of reference.

They only have 143 of its outstanding machines. ”  This is the highest number of supercomputers China has ever counted in the rankings,  ” say the study’s authors, “with the US presence shrinking to its lowest level since the list was created. 25 years ago.  “

Sunway Taihulight, Tianhe 2, Exascale

In the Top 5, Japan ranks third, followed by Germany and France. France owns 18 of its hyper puissant devices. And on the issue of raw power, here too, China is turning pale rivals: Sunway Taihulight and Tianhe 2 , the two most powerful computers in the world, are of Chinese origin. And next year, Exascale, the first supercomputer to be able to operate a billion billion calculations per second, should be talked about.

Even if it is symbolic, the Chinese take their first place. It is a matter of prestige. Until a few years ago, this confidential market was largely dominated by American technologies. But China no longer wants to depend on its heavy industry and today the package on innovation.

As a result, the Chinese invest billions to double their competitors. A study by the Bruegel Institute has shown that 20% of all global investment in research and development now comes from China.

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