Pinball, Pacman or Brick Breaker

The infinite Arcade 3 What kind of game do you want to create? An incredible pinball machine, a breakout bricks, an Octopus Pacman, a table full of mechanical spiders and snail slugs? It’s up to you to express your creativity and give free rein to your inventiveness! As we love this current trend among app publishers to make digital toys – not digital games! To propose experiences of free creations which allow each one to seize in its way of a playful screen.

The American publisher TinyBop has understood and explores in its own way this new wave of digital youth. One of the pioneers of this Francophonie trend is called Curious Hat, a publisher who, with his color vacuum, had already understood everything in 2012: the tablet is a tool, a support, a mediator of play and activity! Moreover in 2014, this outgoing publisher Curious Playground , to create games, no arcade but type Memory or games of letters.

Become a game creator

the infinite Arcade 2In the Infinite Arcade, Tinybop does not collect a collection of small arcade games. He proposes us to become creator of arcade games. After creating our profile, the application asks us what we want to design: a game of pinball, Pacman, breakout or labyrinth?

Once the choice is made, a screen is displayed with some blocks already placed. We choose a mascot, green monster, cyclops on all fours, octopus or tomato. Then everything is to be done!

Walls, obstacles and rewards

It’s up to you to create the walls of your game, to place the obstacles of your choice, bouncy or stable walls, water or lava areas. the infinite Arcade 6 It’s up to you to position various creatures, a nasty cat, a crocodile launcher of cannonballs or a vengeful snail. It’s up to you to scatter rewards, brilliant heads, light bricks or magic outlets on the game board. Provide multiple passes, ladders, magnets, trampolines or black holes. Organize the sound environment, adding various sound effects and sounds. Embellish the set of text bubbles or captions. Then it’s up to you to decide how many lives your game will offer, write lyrics to win or lose, and set the mascot’s move options.

At any time, by placing two fingers on the screen of your tablet, you can shrink the game board to watch it in full, intervene on its overall size – increasing or decreasing its edges – and decide if each border can be crossed or not.

A complete creation tool

the infinite Arcade 5 You see that the settings are very complete and there are enough options to create many small arcade games. You can also design your own mascot, either by defining the color and style of an elongated character, or by embedding a photo in the center of a ball to play with.

The creative experience requires a certain amount of time, which is why it will suit a wide audience. Children from 7/8 years old can do it themselves, but older children and parents will also have fun creating trays and games for the whole family. Design a real good game, which we play with pleasure and that we can win – without it being too easy or too difficult – requires reflection and perseverance. You have to take the time to try, to test the result, to start again, to imagine the movements of the ball in the pinball machine or the path of the zombie in the labyrinth.

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