General Arcade Game

Arcade games are often composed of very short levels, intuitive and simple control mechanisms, and a game difficulty that increases rapidly. This is due to the concept of the arcade, in which the player is essentially obliged to pay to keep the hero of the game alive (until he has no more coins). Indeed, unlike the console game where you buy the first console and then the game, allowing a game at will, the arcade offers free access to all the equipment. It is however necessary to pay to be able to play because the duration or the number of parts are limited. It is therefore essential to add coins when the game is over, this is the very principle of the arcade. The arcade game has as main feature the impossibility for the player to win. “The game invariably ends up by overtaking the player, becoming unplayable, overcoming and saturating the user’s abilities,” said Mathieu Triclot, for whom the arcade “is based on the fundamental principle […] of the overflowing of the player by the Thu “[ 6 ] . Even if the original goal of the arcade is to provide benefits to operators, it goes without saying that a world has emerged, bringing together players, traders and builders around a passion that translates as much about the interest of playing as the universe of the arcade, with its own codes, habits, and its own history.

A game on a console or PC can be considered an arcade game if it shares these qualities, or if it is a direct port of an arcade title. Many independent developers are now producing games in the genre of arcade games that are specifically designed for use on the Internet. These games are usually designed in Flash / Java / DHTML and run directly in web browsers .

Racing arcade games have a simplified physics engine and do not require much time learning and handling, as opposed to racing simulators. Cars can turn sharply, without losing speed or skidding, and the artificial intelligence of competitors is sometimes programmed so that they are always close to the player (tire to tire printing).

Flight arcade games also use simplified physics and controls over flight simulators. They have an easy learning curve, in order to preserve the gameplay. A decreasing number of game console flight simulators, from Crimson Skies to Secret Weapons Over Normandy indicate the fall of popularity of the heavy flight simulator in manipulations in favor of the ultra-fast handling of flying arcade game

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