10 Tips To Lose Weight Really

1 . Sleep more

It is proven, lack of sleep promotes weight gain … or slows the loss of weight, for hormonal reasons! So we take the good habit of getting enough sleep: less television or computer, quiet evenings, a lukewarm shower in the evening to help fall asleep, a quiet room: we pamper our nights to feel less tired, lose weight and have as a bonus better mine!

2 .Empty

The less we have temptations on hand (chips, salted peanuts, rich ice creams, sodas, cakes, etc.), the more it will be difficult to crack in front of the television! So we do a real sort before starting his diet. If it is necessary to keep the children’s buns or their spread, they are placed out of sight, in a closet …

3 . Get organized

Having ready-made frozen foods, a few canned vegetables or long-life products, shopping and preparing menus in advance (at least for 3.4 days) makes it possible to avoid being caught at home. devoid of going home at night, and eating anything practical but ultra-rich.

4 . Escape the industrialist

The dishes all ready disturb the feeling of satiation (we eat more), and are imbalanced: too much sugar, salt, bad fats, not enough protein … and lots of additives! You have to (re) start cooking, and make it simple but “home”! Soups and salads, fish in foil, fried eggs or grilled chicken breast, all this is cooked quickly and without difficulty, and are better than the industrialist (at a lower cost!). Ditto for desserts: a homemade compote takes 5 minutes to cook in the microwave and avoids to throw on a chocolate cream.

5 . Do not eat in front of the television

Eyes fixed on the screen, we eat more without even paying attention, and these excesses accumulate! So we dine before, consisting of a nice appetizing plate, which is tasted quietly, paying full attention! If one night a week you want a sofa party, prepare your balanced plate in advance and stick to it!

6 .Chew well

Swallowing too quickly disrupts digestion, and speeds up the ingestion rate: we eat too fast, so too much! Chewing can reveal the flavors and begin the digestive work, but also slow down the pace and better monitor his appetite … So, when the feeling of satiation occurs (20 minutes after the first bite), we ate less. The more we chew, the more we slim down, it’s proven  !

7 . Avoid frustration

Even to slim down, it is necessary to be able to have fun, which avoids the big compulsive cracks. Small chocolate with coffee, light pastry but homemade on Wednesdays with children, glass of wine or sorbet ball on weekends: there must be no forbidden, just stay serious about the quantity! And if we cracked one evening, just rebalance the next day, and move a little more so that it does not feel on the scale!

8 .Vary your menus

Nothing is worse than monotony for morale but also for the purely nutritional aspect. To slim down, we open our culinary field and enjoy his taste buds with new dishes and ingredients, which we test. Sweet and savory mixes, exotic cuisine, vegetarian dishes: you have to widen your horizons and vary the content of your plate as much as possible! For that, to look for ideas (friends, Internet, books or emissions) and to write what one eats (which makes it possible to locate repetitions of food) is frankly useful.

9 .Finding derivatives

When we tend to throw ourselves on chocolate or crisps in case of fatigue, stress, pain or flush, it is absolutely necessary to find other compensations than food. Reading, drawing, singing, walking, phoning a friend or embroidery: the more we have small leisure to expel tensions or to calm his difficulties, the better!

10 . Give yourself some time

You can lose 5 kilos in 15 days by tightening your belt very strongly … but at what cost for health, morale … and even the long-term line? The more we lose quickly, the more we risk to resume. We therefore prefer a regular slimming, slower but more durable (500 g to 1 kg per week is a good pace), and easier to hold in a real life. The risk of failure, recovery and guilt is greatly reduced.

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